User Testing is an evaluative method to gain insight into the usability and effectiveness of a design. This method allows researchers to determine if a user can successfully complete tasks that are essential parts of a product or service. User Testing provides product teams key insights, targets, and metrics to create effective and viable products.



User Testing is a key part of User Experience, and the creation of new products or services. In an agile process this method can be incorporated into sprints at regular intervals. User testing gets at the functionality of tasks to be completed by a user, and the overall effectiveness of the solution. 


  1. Evaluate the functionality of designed features

  2. Validate relevance and desirability of features for key users


With a team of three (1 interviewer, one note taker, and one observer in a viewing room), customers were invited for 1 hour interview sessions. Each session began with demographic and behavioral questions to build report and context. Next participants were walked through a set of features and asked to complete tasks for each feature. Participants were probed on perceived value as well as use of each feature.

The client team was invited to observe and take notes that were split into three categories (positive, negative, confused).This practice of client engagement helps to maximize internalized knowledge from user testing across the project team, and empowers the client to discuss results with internal stakeholders.

user testing synthesis.png



  • Participants names and times

  • Hotspot (personal data plans)

  • Setup prototypes on device

  • Release form

  • Stand for mobile

  • Rubric of :) :| :( on newsprint

  • Assign note takers for each interview

  • Google docs ready for each participant

  • Sharpies

  • Stickynotes

Opening Questions

  • Welcome, thanks for joining us today. Today we will be showing simulated prototypes, interactions may not be as smooth as on your normal device.

  • Before we look at prototypes can you tell me how long you have been with this bank?

  • How would you describe your experience with online banking?

  • What activities do you do in online banking?

  • What devices do you use?

  • How frequently do you use online banking?

  • Are there other ways that you currently manage your finances ?

  • What does financial health mean to you?

  • Based on your current experience how long does it take you to complete a transaction online?

Feature Tasks  

  • Can you open the home-screen?

  • Please take a minute to scroll through the page and describe what you see here?

  • You can scroll back to the top.

  • Describe what you see in the top card.

  • What would you do here?

  • You can go ahead and take that action.

  • What do you think these cards represent?

  • Where else would you access these from in the app?

  • What do you expect to see when you tap on ____?

  • If you would like to set a goal what would you do?

  • Can you set up a savings goal of $5000 for a vacation?

  • Is there anything else you would benefit from here?

Repeated in context of each feature

Validation Questions

  • Can you prioritize the sections on this screen (print out) from 1-8, 1 being information that is most relevant to you, and 8 being the least impertinent. (Use printout and pen)

  • Do you have any additional feedback for ____ feature?

  • We’ve printed out icons that were used throughout the app, can you please write a description of each of them on this page.

  • Can you describe how you would use insights and recommendations that were placed throughout the prototypes?

  • What would you do differently?


  • Based on everything you’ve seen today what are the top three features?

  • How would this app change your understanding of your financial health?

  • Do you have any other feedback or comments to share?

  • Thanks for participating!



User testing sessions were synthesized into user based findings, and feature based findings. (Feature sample is above). With client buy-in and validated, user-centred decisions the team made strategic recommendations for which features to evolve and implement.