I am a Designer and Researcher specializing in User Experience and Service Design, with Visual Design expertise to communicate complex concepts and propositions. My design practice is interdisciplinary in nature. I start with identifying a unique problem space, and then design solutions that are best suited to meet that particular need. This means that I have worked on projects that include education initiatives, circular economy research and business analysis, web application design, and advertising campaigns. The constant in my process is the triangulation of Design Research, UX, and Service Design disciplines. 

I am passionate about designing for change, to improve livelihoods, social practices, and environmental challenges. I am a keen collaborator and develop deep relationships with my clients and fellow designers that spark new ideas and continuous inspiration. 

I believe that design is essential in the delivery and experience of any communication, service, or product, but also that it plays a key role in defining the mandate and direction of an organization, product line, or even social movement.

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Photo courtesy of Vivian Ziereisan