I am an award winning Designer and Researcher with 5 years experience in product and service design. My focus is on the intersection of design, technology, and human experience. With a decade of facilitation experience, and teaching expertise in design, I'm an active educator and team builder. I hold a Masters of Design from Emily Carr University. 

My Approach

 I start every project or engagement building trust. I listen to my client, stakeholders, and users. This foundation builds knowledge of the space for me in order to form a perspective, identify assumptions (my own, the clients, the customers), and to build a research plan involving purpose of inquiry, tools, methods, and timelines. I employ a co-design approach as much as possible, inviting clients and end users to participate in research and design activities. I craft interview guides that probe individual experience, values, and tactical functionally. With a background in design (from physical products, to digital experiences and services) I am invested not only in fundamental understanding of human experience, but how that informs critical product decisions, so that the most relevant, helpful, and delightful designs are implemented. 





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