Maia is an award winning design researcher with 6+ years in UX research and service design. She focuses on the intersection of design, technology, and human experience. With a decade of facilitation experience, and teaching expertise in design, Maia is an active educator and team builder. She holds a Masters of Design from Emily Carr University. 


Maia employs stakeholder and end-user interviews to build a foundation of evidence from which to form a product strategy. She builds research plans involving purpose of inquiry, tools, methods, and timelines. Maia employs a co-design approach as much as possible, inviting clients and end users to participate in research and design activities. She crafts interview guides that probe individual experience, values, and tactical functionally. With a background in design (from physical products, to digital experiences and services) Maia is invested in fundamental understanding of human experience, and how that informs critical product decisions, so that the most relevant, helpful, and delightful product are implemented. 





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